Italian Fashion Top Italian Beauty Brands

Italian Fashion: Top Italian Beauty Brands

Italian women, at any age, always look stunning, and they are as well the true epitome of what Italian fashion is all about. Italian fashion does not go crazy over makeup compared to other European countries and the United States. According to researches, Italy’s beauty and cosmetic market is more on body products, like perfumes, […]

Urban Clothing

Menswear: Urban Clothing and Trends

Urban clothing and trends are all about men dressing well compared to the norm. We see a lot of regular denim pants and trousers paired with the classic button-down shirt and leather boots, but when you add a little dash of accessories like a Burberry scarf and a Moschino leather jacket, then that is what […]

Fashion books

Remembering Oscar de la Renta Through His Fashion Books

The legendary fashion designer for four decades passed away at the age of 82, and the entire world has been mourning for the loss of the great fashion legend. It is nice to remember him through his fashion bookswith all his fashion history and background. Oscar de la Renta started out to be one of […]

Hip Hop Fashion

The Big Names for the Hip Hop Fashion Crew

Hip-hop fashion used to be about big shirts, big jerseys and big pants, but not anymore. Thanks to all these famous and rich hip hop moguls who introduced high fashion brands into the hip hop scene! Hip hop moguls defined what the hip hop fashion is all about.And we need not forget these famous people […]

1970s Fashion

Trend Alert: 1970s Fashion Seen at the 2014 Runways

Trends tend to just come and go as they please. Some stay for a little longer than expected while some just stick until eternity– the basics and must-have items that we call the classics. But for now, let’s try to be more like a detective, checking out what is hot on the 2014 runways and […]

Fashion Backpacks

Top 3 Luxurious Fashion Backpacks

Boys and girls, time to put your man purse and handbags a break and try the newest fashion talk of the town– the fashion backpacks for all occasions and different types of lifestyles. It is made from the most luxurious materials of leather and metal studs, an out-of-the-ordinary and usual polyester nylon, linen and canvas. […]

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