Fashion Fabrics

Fashion Fabrics and Colors for S/S 2015

Fashion week in all the fashion capitals in the world has bid its farewell, but it is only the start of something new for people who wish to update their wardrobe. Different fashion fabrics and colors are prominent in all runway shows, and everyone is always excited to get a hold of the latest trends […]

Fashion bug

Makeup Fashion Bug: Update Your Cosmetic Kit

There are different types of fashion forward women, and they can either be someone who is more into clothes, shoes and bags or those who are into makeup stash. According to fashion statistics, anyone who is into anything that is related to fashion has got bitten by the fashion bug craze. Fashion is an industry […]

Fashion Week

Fashion Week 2015: The Best Runway Shows

Fashion week started out way back in the year 1943 to introduce to all fashionable Americans that they too can produce well-made and fashion-worthy clothing ensembles to be recognized all over the world, just like Paris. The first ever fashion week was named New York Fashion Week, and since then, the fashion industry has made […]

Fashion Stylist

Johnny Wujek: The Fashion Stylist of the Hour

A fashion stylist, also known as wardrobe and personal stylist, has only one job description, and that is to be being responsible in mixing and watching clothing ensembles and accessories that will go best with their clients’ personality and characters that they’ll portray at a certain event, show and film. A fashion stylist is the […]

Fashion Watch

Fashion Watch Alert: The Classic Boyfriend

Fashion stylists and fashion critics consider these three things as the top most necessities in every woman’s accessory items: shoes, bags and a luxury fashion watch. Other accessories can be left behind and should never be a problem as long as these three staple accessories are present. When a woman is not too keen on […]

Men’s Fashion

How to Rock the Grunge Men’s Fashion

The grunge men’s fashion is all about the underground, the unknown and the not-commercially acceptable by many. It means getting away from the norm; a rebel with a cause but not necessarily a black sheep. Ever since the media was born, people tend to copy and to rely their taste and style with what they […]

Women’s Fashion

The Oxblood Women’s Fashion

The obsession for the oxblood color palette for women’s fashion started way back in fall of 2012, and it has never left the fashion scene ever since. It is even acknowledged today as one of the basic neutrals that all women must have in their closet. Just like white, black, gray and beige, oxblood can […]

Fashion Website

Fashion Websites: How Trends Spread

Fashion websites are the modern day magazines where anyone can read anything about fashion, trends, news and everything that is related to it. Back in the days when internet is still inaccessible to many, fashionistas would rely on publications, like magazines, newspapers and even catalogs just to get a glimpse of what fashion looks and […]

Plus Size Clothing

Stores that Offer the Most Stylish Plus Size Clothing

Plus size clothing for women used to be hard to find, especially for those who are looking for modern and on-trend fashion. Generally, in the past decades or so, clothing stores and department stores used to only cater women with a certain body type. Today, plus size clothing for women is as in demand as […]

Latest Fashion Trends

Learn How to Mix and Match the Latest Fashion Trends

Trying to catch the latest fashion trends may have its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages may include being updated and not looking “so-last-year” when you splurge on the latest fashion trends in the market. It can also add confidence to how a person carries herself when she knows that her fashion style is envied by many. […]

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