The Trending Vintage Clothes and Styles for the Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are just some of the most awaited holidays for the incoming cooler months. These are the best times to show-off all of your festive fashion ensembles, and nothing could be more festive than going back to your most favorite fashion genres and make the world your own runway for your […]


Vintage-Inspired Dresses for the Incoming Cooler Months

Hunting for vintage dresses nowadays could be a needle in a haystack, especially for those who do not have renowned vintage stores that cover designer brands in their area. The fear of getting ripped off by sellers is one of the many risks of buying vintage items. To stir away from this kind of fashion […]


The Flapper Culture of the 1920s Fashion Era

Prior to the 1920s fashion of flapper era, women clothes take too much time to wear and are very stiff compared to today’s modern fashion. The 1920s fashion paved the way for women to be free in choosing whatever type of clothing they prefer to wear. The flapper culture introduced women to be freed from […]

Fashion plates

The History of Fashion Plates

Fashion plates are illustrations or drawings of fashionable styles of clothing used in the past centuries. Artists or any individuals who had the talent to visualize a beautiful gown or frock to be shown to possible clients were hired to make sketches or drawings. And through these sketches or colorful drawings, gowns were sewn literally […]


Maternity Fashion for On-the-Go Moms

Some may say to not invest too much on maternity clothes, for these will only stay at the back of your closet after giving birth. But I will disagree on that, most especially for on-the-go moms and moms-to-be who still have their regular hectic schedule at work and need a good set of fashionable clothes […]


Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Label and Day-to-Day Style

Victoria Beckham is the famous Posh Spice of the 90’s all-female British pop group Spice Girls. She was named Posh for her classy and very upscale take on fashion and trends, thus the birth of her own fashion label Victoria by Victoria Beckham. The Victoria Beckham fashion sense can be described in two words– classic […]


A Simple Guide to Vintage Online Shop Treasure Hunting

Vintage shopping is already an advantage on its own. What more if you are shopping at a vintage online shop where leaving the comforts of your home, bed or couch is never an option. Vintage online shop will save you a ton of time and money from going to and fro different shopping destinations. It […]


Vintage Style Clothing for Fall and Winter 2014

Everyone has been in a dire need for a new set of clothing for the coming fall and winter seasons. Though some of the spring and summer collections can still be incorporated with the coming cool months with a simple addition of cardigans and a stylish jacket, one still needs to know what trends of […]


5 Unexpected Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Over the last few decades, everyone has been raving about the miraculous skin, hair and beauty benefits of coconut oil, but the truth is that for centuries, Indian women have already extolled the virtues of this kitchen staple. Naturally, coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and proteins, making it perfect for skin, hair […]


Hollywood Celebrities Pregnancy Fashion Face-off

Hollywood celebrities may not lead the same lives and lifestyles as ordinary people, but they too are humans that have to go through pregnancy and giving birth just like any other. Pregnancy fashion radar starts circling around when the news about possible pregnancy of certain A-list celebrities tend to go around. Here are the top […]

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